2011 Webinar Series Workforce Planning & Schedule Optimisation – Solving the Puzzle

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The live events are over for this year’s series, but the recordings are still available, on-demand. Simply complete the registration and you can get instant access to all of them.

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You know IFS 360 Scheduling as a developer of great software. Well, we also develop and promote best-practice in workforce scheduling and improving the skills of planners and dispatchers. As part of that work, we are holding a series of live webinars in conjunction with Service Management magazine. Three informative and thought-provoking opportunities to learn more about the complex puzzle that is the scheduling and optimisation of your workforce maximising efficiency and customer service, whilst minimising costs.

Drive up service performance by 10%: solve the workforce scheduling puzzle.
This webinar will demystify the process of scheduling your mobile workforce. Effective scheduling results in great improvements to your working process, but how can you make it effective without truly understanding what it is? Saul Sherry (Editor of Service Management) and Ian Mapp (Product Marketing Director at IFS 360 Scheduling) explain the nuts and bolts of the automated scheduling process, and what it means to your company’s bottom line.

Strategies for solving the scheduling puzzle – and how they work in real life!
This webinar gives real life examples of scheduling strategies that have worked. Different approaches work for different situations, so how will you know what works for you? Ian Mapp and David Bochenski (VP, Business Development at IFS 360 Scheduling) will share insights and explore how different companies are solving this puzzle – with and without the use of automated scheduling software tools. They will be joined by industry expert, Brian Wathen, to share his experiences in managing and improving workforce scheduling and service performance. Brian has amassed 30 years’ experience in managing field service operations both within the UK and internationally. Much of this experience has been gained in delivering services within the IT industry on a commercial basis, heading field workforces of several hundred staff.

The bloody history of failed mobile workforce management projects – 10 things to learn from 20 years of experience. 
This webinar draws on real experience from within the service management industry to deliver 10 key lessons. Laurent Othacéhé  (CEO of IFS 360 Scheduling) will show you how the experience of others can be a lifesaver in deciding what to aim for and, more importantly, what to avoid in your own scheduling plans. Learn what success looks like, and how to spot the early warning signs of failure, in management of projects.

With an opportunity to pose questions to the presenters – and get answers! – this is a great opportunity to learn more about the science and art of scheduling, and how to solve the puzzle.

Register for the series now, by clicking this link.

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