Although the power of the IFS 360 Dynamic Scheduling Engine (DSE) lies in its algorithms, it is the way in which these have been harnessed to solve the specific problems associated with scheduling for field service that make it unique. No other scheduling solution has such a comprehensive set of features to take account of every service related situation. The list of business rules, constraints and real-time interaction that go in to producing the schedules make the IFS 360 Scheduling DSE the leading solution in its field.

Resources, that is the field engineers and technicians, have different skill sets, live in different locations, can work different shifts, take statutory breaks, attend training courses, have days off sick and of course take holidays. All these parameters can be entered into theĀ DSE, which ensures that routes are optimized taking account of start and end locations, making sure that jobs are only allocated to engineers with the requisite skills and that breaks are scheduled when it is best for the business.

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